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Liverpool, UK: the city of The Beatles, Cilla Black, and meaning more. It’s also the home to some of Sony’s central operations, including its XDEV division which works with external developers on PlayStation Studios projects. But now it’s moving to a new office, having been situated at Wavertree Technology Park since the PS1 launched.

The company’s new 65,000 square foot campus will bring it into the bosom of the city, and will boast some swish perks like a café, staff gym, and rooftop terrace. It’ll open later this year, sometime in the Spring, and we’re sure staff are rubbing their hands together at the prospect. According to Sony, the move is designed to attract and retain employees, while also helping to “better connect with tech companies, business partners, and academic communities”.

The city is becoming something of an epicentre for PlayStation in the UK, as the company recently acquired developer Firesprite, which is also situated in Liverpool and has grown to become one of the company’s biggest first-party studios in Europe, behind only Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla Games.