Firesprite Fabrik Acquisition

PlayStation Studios has grown quite a lot this year, with some notable acquisitions bolstering Sony's first-party lineup of developers. The most recent of these is Firesprite, a Liverpool-based studio that's already bigger than Sony's other UK teams combined. It's set to get even bigger, though; the developer has just made a purchase of its own.

That's right: Firesprite, not Sony, has acquired Fabrik Games, a small Manchester team. It'll be merged into the much larger studio, bringing the total headcount up to 265. It seems as though this acquisition was on the cards as part of Sony's plan to pick up Firesprite, which makes sense.

Firesprite and Fabrik Games have always had a close relationship; the latter team was founded by Graeme Ankers, managing director of the former. The studios collaborated to bring The Persistence to multiple platforms, and Fabrik has a couple of games to call its own: Filthy Lucre and The Lost Bear.

It feels as though Firesprite is being positioned by Sony as a major player among its first-party fleet. With a number of employees comparable to the likes of Sucker Punch, Guerrilla, and Bend Studio, we could be looking at a real powerhouse. We'll need to wait and see how any games turn out, of course, but this rapid growth is interesting at the very least.

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