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There’s a wee bit of numberwang involved in these sales statistics, but stick with us because the figures are eye-opening. So, Rockstar overlord Take-Two has posted its latest financial report, and in it is an update on Grand Theft Auto’s sales performance. The headline is that GTA 5 has now sold 160 million (!!!) copies, taking the franchise as a whole up to 370 million units.

That’s up 15 million units since Take-Two previously reported the number prior to the release of the GTA Trilogy. According to the publisher, five million of the aforementioned 15 million can be attributed to GTA 5, which means the remaining 10 million are almost certainly related to Rockstar’s remasters of its classic PS2 titles.

That’s a huge number, and while not unusual for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, a somewhat surprising one, too. To be fair, boss Strauss Zelnick mentioned recently that the title had “significantly exceeded” expectations, and now it’s easy to see why. Of course, the launch was a bit of a disaster, and despite promises from Rockstar to resolve the situation, it’s still not up to scratch.

Speaking with Games, the executive promised more improvements as part of a brilliant statement which seems to contradict itself consistently: “We have some quality issues. We’ve attempted to address those. We have more coming, and we feel very good about how the title has performed commercially. I think we were all a bit disappointed about the quality initially. We’re very grateful that most of those issues have been addressed. There’s more work to be done.”

Nevertheless, Zelnick and the rest of Take-Two will be rubbing their hands together: a new version of GTA 5 is scheduled to release on the PS5 next month, and is sure to register sales in the many millions all over again. Can this juggernaut ever be stopped? Probably not.