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GTA Trilogy has received a few patches since its dismal launch, but it remains below par as Rockstar works to resurrect it. Take-Two and Rockstar overlord Strauss Zelnick is fairly satisfied with the game, though, as he told investors that it’s “done just great” and while it had a “glitch in the beginning” that’s been “resolved”.

Here’s what he said as part of an interview with CNBC, following the stock market’s negative reaction to its $12.7 billion acquisition of Zynga: “With regards to the GTA Trilogy, that was actually not a new title, [but] was a remaster of pre-existing titles. We did have a glitch in the beginning, that glitch was resolved. And the title has done just great for the company.”

GTA Trilogy launched with a heap of bugs and issues, including an inconsistent framerate – even on the powerful PlayStation 5 – and saw some strange graphical effects, like incredibly intrusive rain. Rockstar apologised for the state of the title at launch, and has pledged updates, but they’re proving slow to materialise. At least the title hit its sales projections, though, right?

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