Guerrilla has always been a tech powerhouse, but we’re genuinely flabbergasted by this first official footage of Horizon Forbidden West running on a PS4 Pro. Sony has, irritatingly, opted to present it as a series of small GIF-like video clips on the PS Blog, but we've embedded one of them above. In short, though, they’re super impressive.

Here are some screenshots as well, again, captured on PS4 Pro:

Now, obviously the game will look better on a PS5 – that’s to be expected, of course – but if you’re yet to purchase a new-gen console then you can be content knowing that you’re going to be getting a visual feast on your creaking last-gen system. It does look seriously impressive, and is a true testament to all of the optimisation work that’s clearly gone into this.

The clips also showcase some new areas and enemies. We get a look at Plainsong, home to the Utaru tribe, which is nestled among giant satellite dishes. We also see a battle against both the Clamberjaw and Bristleback, two fearsome foes who will keep Aloy on her toes. Oh, and the game’s gone gold now by the way, so no more delays.

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