Dying Light 2 PS5 PS4

Dying Light 2 is just a few weeks away from its PlayStation 5 and PS4 launch, meaning it's now time for us all to work out how we're going to unlock its Platinum Trophy. The complete list of digital gongs is now available for viewing over on Exophase, but we advise exercising some caution: the first handful of Trophies contain spoilers. We won't be covering them in this article, but feel free to click through and check those out.

As well as completing the story (you don't need to get any specific endings), there are trinkets for finding all collectibles and activating all windmills, metro stations, and opening every airdrop. Then you'll need to focus on your stats, fully upgrading your parkour and combat proficiencies as well as getting maximum health and stamina. There are two Trophies related to co-op play, but don't worry, they have very simple requirements: just join a co-op session and then kill 100 enemies with at least two other players present.

Dying Light 2 launches for PS5 and PS4 on 4th February 2022. Techland is promising post-launch support for at least five years, but you won't need 500 hours to beat the base game. Far from it, in fact. Catch a quick glimpse at console gameplay footage through the link.

Will you be trying to unlock the Dying Light 2 Platinum Trophy? Start planning in the comments below.

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