The Cyberpunk 2077 console catastrophe has put fans of upcoming games on edge a little when they see titles shown off using PC footage instead of the system they'll actually be playing on. That's understandable, so in the case of Dying Light 2 at least, Techland has shared a brief glimpse at what the open world zombie game looks like running on a base PlayStation 4.

It's not an optimal set-up — the footage is presented in a bordered window smaller than the actual space of a YouTube video — but it still generally looks pretty good. The last gen version appears to retain the fast and fluid gameplay with great visuals at all times. The video then switches to Xbox One X footage, which PS4 Pro users can use as a basis for their own experience. Once again it's looking shiny and smooth. We then finally see Dying Light 2 running on a PS5 at the end of the demonstration.

If you need to see more to be convinced of a quality PS5, PS4 port, though, the video promises more comparisons later this month. With launch just a few weeks away now, how excited are you for Dying Light 2? Survive the night in the comments below.