Dying Light 2 PS5 PS4

What a kerfuffle this has turned out to be. Dying Light 2 developer Techland faced a bit of a backlash over the weekend when it proudly claimed it would take 500 hours to complete its latest open world zombie title. At the time, the Polish studio quickly issued a follow-up tweet explaining that's how long it would take to "max out the game", and now it has posted yet more clarification.

Essentially, you don't need to worry: Techland says it'll take roughly 20 hours to complete a single playthrough of the main story. It's when you start tacking on extra content that the completion time starts to balloon. According to the latest tweet, if you want to follow the core campaign to its finale and then go on to finish every single side quest, you're looking at 80 hours of game time.

If for some reason you then want to "max out the game with all main and side quests, choices and endings, checking every place on the map, every dialogue and finding every collectible", then you should expect to spend 500 hours with Dying Light 2. Given the 80-hour estimate to see and do everything inside a single playthrough, this absurd playtime counter seems to suggest it would take around four playthroughs to see how every choice plays out in order to reach different endings.

Does anyone actually play a game in this manner? Aiming for 100 per cent completion four times in a row? We think not. This has all been a bit of a PR blunder for Techland, but we're confident it's still got a quality product on its hands. The game's out for PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 4th February 2022.

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