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The story’s been posted pretty much everywhere, so we’d be remiss not to mention reports regarding Quantic Dream’s infamous Dark Sorcerer demo, which is apparently in development as Dreamland for the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the source is anything but watertight: it comes courtesy of a Twitter account which has since been closed down.

Now, there is reason to believe this kiboshed social media page, as it previously teased assets from Star Wars Eclipse before it was officially announced. According to the source, Dreamland is being written by studio co-founder David Cage and is based upon the same kind of “interactive storytelling” format that Quantic Dream has helped to pioneer over the years.

According to the source, AccountNGT, the game is currently being created as a cross-gen title, although this could yet change. To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time the French developer has taken a tech demo and transformed it into a full-blown game: you may recall Kara eventually evolved into Detroit: Become Human.

Assuming all of this is accurate – and, to be honest, we have our doubts – we imagine it’ll be multiformat as Quantic Dream has completed its multi-game publishing contract with Sony Interactive Entertainment now. In truth, we would be curious to see how the Dark Sorcerer could be transformed into a full-game, as the original demo was very much a “sketch”.

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