As promised yesterday, Quantic Dream has raised the curtain on its new engine technology, codenamed Kara.

In an incredible short – similar to 2006’s The Casting demo – Quantic Dream introduces a cyborg named Kara, who’s assembled and checked before being taken apart due to showing unusual, emotional behaviour. Kara’s forced to plead for her life, as the machine rips her body apart – it’s all rather poignant.

According to Quantic Dream’s co-founder David Cage, the demo is not indicative of a final project — it is more a showcase of what the studio’s new technology can do. And it’s clear that things have evolved since Heavy Rain; Quantic Dream is now working with Hollywood actors – Valorie Curry in this instance – and its eye animation techniques have vastly improved.

Believe it or not, the demo is actually running in real-time on a PlayStation 3. According to Cage, the footage was created more than a year ago, meaning that the technology has matured even further since. Mind boggling.

Cage said of Quantic Dream’s next project:

There are people doing more interesting things or different things, perhaps, but I feel we’re pretty alone in what we’re trying to explore.

What we’re trying to create is really interactive entertainment for an adult audience. We don’t pretend that we’re cleverer than anyone else – but there are so many games out there that provide limited entertainment, and we try to make something for a more mature audience.

We can’t wait to see what Quantic Dream is actually working on. The technology on display here really is quite incredible, and Cage is right in saying that his studio is one of the few pushing the boundaries of what games can achieve.