Soul Sacrifice PS Vita 1

Two high-profile PS Vita exclusives, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice, will have their servers deactivated on 24th December, 2021. Both titles, published by Sony in response to its loss of Monster Hunter exclusivity, were built around co-operative play, and maintained relatively dedicated communities to this day.

While you can still play both games locally using adhoc connectivity, you’ll obviously need to know someone who owns a PS Vita and a copy of the games in order to set that up. This will naturally make some of the release’s Trophies difficult to unlock. It’s also worth adding that the server termination applies to both Soul Sacrifice and its enhanced successor Soul Sacrifice Delta.

Curiously, the server discontinuation news has only been announced on PlayStation’s Japanese website at the time of writing, but we can’t imagine the Western titles will be kept online. We’ll check with Sony just to clarify and will update when we get word back.

Whatever the case, we enjoyed both these games when we reviewed them, describing Freedom Wars as “deliciously dystopian” in our 7/10 review and Soul Sacrifice Delta as a “grisly fairy tale that’s more than worth the nightmares” in our 8/10 review. We’re confident the servers will get one last hurrah of activity over the coming weeks, so if you fancy revisiting either of these, now’s the time to do so.

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