Marvel's Avengers PS4 PlayStation 4
Image: Kotaku

In a headline that perhaps isn’t a surprise for a live service game, one Marvel’s Avengers fan has taken the time to calculate the cost of all of the title’s cosmetics – and it adds up to an eye-watering $3,317. While all of this content is, of course, completely optional, it’s an astounding figure for a release that’s been available for a little over a year.

Cosmetics come in the form of costumes, player banners, and emotes. Crystal Dynamics would argue that the items exist to offer as much choice as possible, and no single user is expected to buy them all. It’s also worth pointing out that post-release expansions, like the upcoming Spider-Man, have been “free” for all players, and you need never spend another cent to benefit from the post-release support. The developer did recently add XP and resources boosters, but they were swiftly removed following a robust backlash from the game’s community.

It’s also worth adding that franchises like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and NBA 2K could probably comfortably rival this number, so it’s not just Marvel’s Avengers that’s guilty. The Sims 4, for example, has almost $1,000 of DLC packs available on the PS Store. Nevertheless, it’s still a dizzying number for a game that’s never really connected in quite the way publisher Square Enix hoped it would.

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