PlayStation Home

It's now been more than six years since PlayStation Home shut its doors, an online PS3 experience where you could meet other real-life players, take part in activities together, and just sort of hang out. Think of it as a knock-off Second Life and you're along the right tracks, but the whole thing certainly had a unique Sony charm. It has now been discovered that Sony very recently renewed the trademark for the PlayStation Home service, handing them rights to the name until 2028. However, you shouldn't let this discovery get your hopes up for the service's return.

All this will very likely be is Sony covering its back and ensuring it has the rights to a name it once used in a meaningful manner. However, that hasn't stopped fans from theorizing what PlayStation Home could look like in the modern era. Many suggest a revival alongside Sony's upcoming next-gen PSVR headset that works a lot like VRChat. That could be pretty cool, especially if it brought back all of the customisation and activities PlayStation Home used to have. Others have linked it to another very recent trademark renewal — that of the Soho Square kind. We're not so sure about that though, since that name seems perfect for a reboot of The Getaway (please make this happen, Sony).

It's highly unlikely anything will come of this trademark renewal, but it's always fun to speculate what PlayStation Home could look like on PS5. Would you be interested if the service was brought back? Get dreaming in the comments below.