Update: Sony's released a short of the flashy light show currently on display at its San Mateo headquarters. You can watch that below:

Wonder what the electricity bill for all of this looks like?

Original Story: Sony has prepared a spectacular light show at its headquarters to mark the launch of the PlayStation 5 in the United States this week. With much of the world in lockdown, there can be no flashy public event this year โ€“ but the Japanese giant has decided to burn some cash, by completely revamping its San Mateo headquarters in blue.

There are giant spotlights illuminating the building, as well as two massive screens which show video footage of the format and its various accessories and games. We suspect itโ€™ll also run a countdown as launch day approaches on the west coast. Are you beginning to feel the hype yet? Try to keep calm for a few more hours in the comments section below.

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