SEGA Microsoft Acquisition

It’s been a rough week for the PlayStation Nation, hasn’t it? After a pretty impressive PS5 showcase, it’s been largely downhill, with the ongoing pre-order debacle, Bethesda’s buyout, and increased game prices. Things look set to get worse before they get better if the Internet’s to be believed, though, because some fans think Microsoft’s poised to purchase SEGA next.

We’re going to stop short of saying anything definitive after yesterday’s $7.5 billion bomb, but the discussion appears to be based on pretty shaky ground. Obviously, this has been a recurring rumour for decades now – dating as far back as when SEGA collaborated with Microsoft on the Dreamcast’s operating system.

This tweet more or less sums things up:

As you can see, the new “evidence” that’s being shared on social media is bad – it pertains to Xbox controller colours and, well, frankly not a lot else. Xbox is scheduled to host a keynote during the Tokyo Game Show this week, but any news of this particular nature is unlikely due to SEGA being a publicly traded company – it’d be hard to keep the details underwraps for a scheduled event.

It’s also worth mentioning that SEGA has its fingers in a lot of pies beyond gaming, including amusement arcades and pachinko machines. As we alluded to earlier, we’re not going to rule out anything at this stage for fear of emerging with figurative egg on our face – but yeah, we wouldn’t worry too much about these rumours right now.