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Sony finally gave us an update on Destruction AllStars today, which forms one-fifth of the PlayStation 5’s first-party launch game lineup. The Lucid Games developed title – which has been shrouded in mystery since it debuted earlier in the year – blends car combat with parkour, and is clearly gunning for the Fortnite fanbase with its vivid aesthetic and multiplayer-focused gameplay loop.

Unlike Epic Games’ battle royale bonanza, however, the title will command a $69.99/£69.99 price point at launch, and fans have been eagerly anticipating more information on how the title intends to justify it. Unfortunately, the Japanese giant stopped short of sharing new gameplay footage in its PlayStation Blog update today, instead relying on a description of the experience.

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Worse, it sounds like the title will include microtransactions. While developer Lucid Games has committed to a roadmap of free post-release updates, the inclusion of 10,000 AllStar Currency with the Digital Deluxe Edition implies that you’ll be able to cough up real-world cash for more. “AllStar Currency can be earned through online play,” the PlayStation Blog post explains. “This boost should give you a head start on customising your racing stripes whilst you earn the rest!”

We contacted both Sony and Lucid Games for confirmation, and have yet to receive a response. However, on the official PlayStation website, it’s mentioned that the title features ‘In-Game Purchases’:

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Obviously, we’ll need to wait for official confirmation from PlayStation before being too critical here. We also need to learn a lot more about the gameplay loop, as a description on the PlayStation Blog does little to answer our questions. Still, fans had hoped that an overall increase to game prices would put an end to loot boxes and microtransactions. That doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case in this instance, but we’ll update if we learn more.

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