Destruction All Stars PS5

What is this?! Details about an upcoming PlayStation 5 game?! Wow! Yes, Sony has finally decided to tell us what Destruction AllStars is. However, it's through the PlayStation Blog rather than with a simple gameplay trailer. That is said to be coming in the near future so, for now, we'll have to make do with the power of text. The latest title from Lucid Games will arrive alongside the PS5 at launch, and community manager George Rule describes it as "a global sports entertainment event where stars & cars collide".

You'll be able to compete in matches either on your own or with teammates in a variety of vehicles that all prioritise different aspects. "While behind the wheel, you’ll want to react to the match as it unfolds around you. Driving into opponents’ vehicles will do plenty of damage, but a well timed slam will annihilate them. Master using slam attacks to wreck, dodge and boost your way through the competition."

Once your car is wrecked, the match will continue as you play on foot — gaining access to new skills and abilities. You can even nick your opponent's vehicle, and those abilities are detailed over on the PlayStation Blog. Destruction AllStars will be supported after launch with free content drops and more modes, which quickly gives way to the topic of microtransactions. The game's Digital Deluxe Edition comes with 10,000 AllStar Coins, which does mean it'll have some sort of economy. It's not much of a stretch to suggest you'll also be able to purchase them with real money. And don't forget that this is already a $70 game.

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