Dualsense Ps5 Playstation 5

The internet was ablaze last night with discussion surrounding Sony's new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, but one of the questions which might have been drowned out by all the noise was whether or not the pad has a headphone jack. Fans couldn't quite work out if it was there or not through official shots. However, a PlayStation employee has quickly sought to kill any worry of the feature being dropped by confirming that the PS5 DualSense controller does indeed sport a headphone jack.

Toshimasa Aoki, product manager at PlayStation, tweeted out in response to a handful of posters: "Still have an audio jack so you can plug in your own headsets like DS4". This means that you will continue to be able to directly plug your earphones and headphones into the controller, just like the PlayStation 4 lets you.

This is a welcome inclusion alongside the likes of a new Create button, a microphone which negates the need for a headset, and strong battery life. Were you hoping the DualSense controller would include a headphone jack? Wire up in the comments below.

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