Persona 5 Royal New Changes Differences Everything That's New

What's new in Persona 5 Royal? What are the differences between Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5? In this guide, we're going to break down all of the additions and changes that we know of in Persona 5 Royal. From gameplay tweaks to entirely new content, there's actually a lot of stuff to look forward to even if you've already sunk hours upon hours into the original Persona 5.

Please note, however, that this guide is based on the Japanese version of Persona 5 Royal. As such, there may be some slight translation errors. Once we get our hands on the English release, we'll be sure to update this guide as much as possible.

This guide contains no story spoilers, but it does outline new content.

Persona 5 Royal All Changes New Characters

What's New in Persona 5 Royal?

Below, we've categorised all of the changes in Persona 5 Royal when compared to Persona 5. There are new features, gameplay adjustments, and quality of life improvements, as well as smaller, more general alterations.

New Content in Persona 5 Royal

  • New party member named Kasumi
  • An entirely new school semester has been added, expanding the story alongside a new Palace
  • The new 'Thieves Den' feature lets you visit a huge room full of unlockable bonus content at any time through the pause menu. You can use in-game currency to unlock things like artwork, character models, cutscenes, and music
  • A number of brand new animated story cutscenes
  • A whole new location called Kichijoji is yours to explore, and it's bigger than any other real world location in the game
  • Kichijoji has a club that you can visit with party members, opening up new social and bonding events
  • Kichijoji's club features a darts minigame
  • Kichijoji has a jazz bar that can grant party members stat boosts
  • Two brand new confidants with their own perks
  • Akechi's social link route has been completely overhauled, slots differently into the story
  • Some confidants (particularly party members) have additional social scenes
  • New events, such as holidays and additional character scenes, have been added to the calendar
  • New Personas
  • New third form for each party member's Persona
  • New enemies
  • New weapons
  • New armour
  • New accessories
  • New items
  • Two new story endings

Gameplay Additions in Persona 5 Royal

  • Each Phantom Thief now has a powerful 'Showtime' attack -- basically a super move
  • All Palaces have been reworked to some degree, although largely they remain the same in terms of layout
  • Some Palaces have completely new areas
  • Joker now has a grappling hook that lets you access new areas in dungeons
  • The grappling hook often leads to secret locations that house 'Will Seeds' -- these are items that restore the party's SP, potentially making dungeon runs more efficient
  • Each Palace now houses three collectable objects called 'Ishi', which are essentially skulls. Each time you find all three skulls in a Palace, you'll be rewarded with a unique accessory
  • All Palace bosses have been reworked in some way, either with additional mechanics or phases
  • Some Palaces now have additional boss enemies
  • Mementos, the randomised dungeon that you can visit when you have free time, has been expanded quite significantly -- floors can be bigger and there's more room for exploration in general
  • Mementos now has a shop that sells exclusive goods
  • A new 'stamp' system has been added to Mementos. You can collect and use stamps to change different gameplay elements of the dungeon (higher encounter rate, more rewards from battle, etc.)
  • There are new side quests to complete in Mementos
  • Rare, more powerful shadows can now appear both in Palaces and Mementos
  • The Velvet Room now offers special optional battles that you can take part in (this is also where DLC battles take place)
  • The Velvet Room can now go into a random 'lockdown' mode, which triggers various potential benefits when fusing Personas -- but there are risks as well

Gameplay Adjustments in Persona 5 Royal (Dungeons and Combat)

  • Ammo now restocks after battle, making guns way more valuable across dungeon runs
  • Some Personas have been rebalanced both in terms of stats and available skills
  • Some enemies have been rebalanced both in terms of stats and available skills
  • The baton pass mechanic has been expanded -- each party member now has a baton pass 'level'. With a higher level, you gain access to additional effects when you switch characters
  • Status effects on enemies don't last as long

Gameplay Adjustments in Persona 5 Royal (Everyday Life)

  • The calendar has been reworked in places, allowing for more free time and additional opportunities to interact with your confidants
  • Morgana doesn't tell you to go to bed quite so much -- you generally get more free time at night
  • Some confidants have reworked perks

Other Additions in Persona 5 Royal

  • New opening movie
  • New main menu screen
  • New and additional character portraits in conversations
  • Around 30 new music tracks
  • New weather effects have been added depending on the time of year in-game
  • A completely new Trophy list, separate from Persona 5's

Are you looking forward to Persona 5 Royal? What do you think of all the new stuff? Gather the Phantom Thieves in the comments section below.