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Reports emerged overnight that Guerrilla Games’ huge open world role-playing hit Horizon: Zero Dawn will launch on the PC at some point this year. This author has to hold his hands up: it’s something we never thought would happen. And while we’re still waiting for official confirmation from the Japanese giant, it sounds like more PlayStation 4 exclusives could be making the jump, with Media Molecule’s creation engine Dreams purportedly next in the pipeline.

In the case of Aloy’s inaugural adventure, this news means very little: the title is almost three years old, can be purchased for pennies, and is no longer the system seller that it once was. Bringing the title to Steam, with the Decima Engine already converted to PC, will have very little material impact apart from bolstering Sony’s coffers with a new revenue stream and opening the series up to a potential new audience ahead of its inevitable PlayStation 5 sequel.

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But in context there is a greater discussion here, because the manufacturer threatens to thwart confidence in its own hardware. The question is: which other titles will it port to PC? And how quickly will they make the transition? We already know that MLB The Show will be making the jump to all console formats, while first-party projects like Predator: Hunting Grounds will release simultaneously on PS4 and PC. Could there be a future where God of War 2 launches day-and-date on Steam?

That does seem unlikely, but we also considered it unlikely that Horizon: Zero Dawn would make the transition in the first place. Clearly the industry is changing, and Sony doesn’t want to be left behind. But exclusive games have been one of the factors behind PS4’s gigantic success, and that advantage looks set to be weakened ahead of its all-important next-gen launch this holiday. The question is: how will this affect your PS5 purchasing intent moving forwards?

Will you skip PS5 if more PlayStation exclusives come to PC?