MLB The Show Sony 1

Looks like Major League Baseball was not satisfied with the best sports game on the market being exclusive to one platform, as from the 2021 instalment, MLB The Show will no longer be exclusive to PlayStation consoles. The bizarre twist here is that Sony San Diego will continue to be the series’ developer, meaning that the first-party franchise will now, in all probability, launch on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC.

The team in green has already responded to the news:

Nintendo has also chimed in:

While, on the surface, this is quite shocking news, we’re going to assume that Sony was pressed into making this move; we assume, if faced with the possibility of losing the license entirely, it preferred this outcome. It is unprecedented, though: starting this week, PlayStation 4 owners will able to sign in to Xbox Live to enjoy cross-platform Minecraft, while one of the Japanese giant’s biggest exclusives is now going multiformat.

War has, indeed, changed.