We’re beginning to get a better idea of what the PlayStation 5’s devkit looks like, and these visualisations based on a leaked photograph give us the best view yet. Rendered by Dutch website Let’s Go Digital, the images are based upon official illustrations submitted by Sony and the aforementioned snap which was unveiled over the weekend.

As we’ve reiterated numerous times already, the devkit is unlikely to reflect the final retail product. While the cut-out ‘V’ shape on the top of the chassis looks particularly iconic, we’ve seen it hypothesised that Sony may have included this detail to allow units to be stacked on top of each other more easily – a nice space saving feature if accurate, but not the kind of thing you’d necessarily need at home.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about all this is that we now know PS5 devkits are out in the wild, and software is actively in development for the next-generation device. The Japanese giant’s pinned a Holiday 2020 release date to the hardware, and we can’t wait to learn more over the next year or so.

[source nl.letsgodigital.org]