Remember when the first sketches of the PlayStation 5 devkit popped up online and we weren’t sure whether they were real or a hoax? It’s since emerged that the heavily ventilated box with the cut-out ‘V’ shape is indeed the real deal, and you’ll find it in the office of dozens of developers around the world. Want more proof: well, here’s the first ever photo of it.

This snap popped up on popular YouTube channel Zone of Tech, and is an identical match to the blueprints that appeared online earlier in the year. As you can see from the image, there’s an optical drive – which is now confirmed to support 4K Blu-ray – alongside a bunch of buttons and USB ports. There’s also a ‘Not for Sale’ notice in block capitals. Perhaps the platform holder should have included the text ‘Do Not Photograph or You’ll Break NDA’ underneath for good measure.

What can we learn from this, then? Well, frankly not a whole lot – it’s a devkit, and a first prototype at that. It’s worth remembering that these devices are designed for developers to use, and not for the general public, so don’t go expecting the actual PS5 to look anything like this at all. It’s curious just how many vents there are in this thing, though – beast status all but confirmed?

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