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You may be forgiven for missing the news, but the PlayStation 5’s devkit casually leaked this week. Corroborated by a Codemasters employee, the blueprints show a ridiculously shaped system, decorated with a ventilated ‘V’ symbol on its hood. It’s unlikely that the final consumer product will look anything like this over-engineered monstrosity, but it’s still fascinating to consider how it looks in real-life.

Thanks to the magic of CAD software, however, Dutch website Let’s Go Digital has put together some 3D mock ups, based on the original patent designs. We’re going to assume that the physical device is less polished than these distinctively Alienware-esque renders, but it’s a fascinating shape, isn’t it? It’ll be interesting to see whether the final PS5 product turns out anywhere near as ostentatious; we’re going to assume not.