Monster Hunter World Iceborne Layered Armour

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne just got hit with a monstrous update, and one of its highlights is that it introduces a load of craftable layered armour sets taken straight from the base game. A fantastic addition for players who want to customise their look.

Capcom's not done yet, though. It's said that this is just the "first batch" of layered armour, and it'll be adding more in the future. We're looking forward to crafting as many sets as we possibly can, likely sacrificing another 200 hours of our free time in the process.

As it did with Monster Hunter World, Capcom seems to have promising long-term plans for Iceborne. This latest update appears to be just the tip of the iceberg, if you'll pardon the awful pun.

Have you been crafting any new layered armour in Iceborne? Tell us about your favourite look in the comments section below.