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It’s no secret that Days Gone is selling absurdly well, but few could have expected the title to do quite this well in Japan. The biker-themed open worlder managed to sell a sensational 114,319 units in its first two days available at retail, according to data from Famitsu magazine. This is more than double the physical numbers achieved by God of War (46,091 units) at launch and roughly on par with Horizon: Zero Dawn's debut (116,997 units). It’s worth noting that sales of the latter two titles come courtesy of Media Create, so there may be some discrepancies in the way that the figures are obtained.

Nevertheless, this is a sensational achievement for Sony Bend’s ginormous PlayStation 4 outing, and when you pair it with the European sales, it’s clear that the title’s off to a rip-roaring start. In case you missed the news, the release has enjoyed two successive weeks at the summit of the UK sales charts, and is currently top-dog in Spain and Germany. We’ll need to wait for more information, but it looks like PlayStation may have yet another hot property on its books. A sequel seems all but inevitable at this point, doesn’t it?