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Battlefield V’s ginormous sales will have most publishers green with envy, but EA is disappointed with the performance of the title. And speaking to investors overnight, overlord Andrew Wilson explained that DICE’s decision to prioritise single player over the sequel’s unreleased Battle Royale mode may have played a part in the release’s subpar commercial situation.

“We made the decision to prioritise other features, including a single player experience at launch, over a Battle Royale mode,” he said when explaining the game’s underperformance. “Unfortunately, the later release date meant the game launched deeper into a competitive holiday window where heavy price discounting was a big factor.”

Battle Royale is still slated to come to Battlefield V in the near-future, but EA released free-to-play first-person shooter Apex Legends earlier this week, which will likely compete directly with Firestorm for players. Still, you can’t really argue with Wilson’s comments: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 controversially canned single player, and has been a huge seller.