MotorStorm PS4 Sony Multiplayer Games 2


We’ve already established that the arcade racing genre is very much on the decline, but the fact that Sony’s shelved MotorStorm boggles the mind. For our money, this is one of the best new franchises from the past decade and a bit, and while it always had great single-player, the series seriously shined online. Pacific Rift was the high-point of the property as far as we’re concerned, and we’d love to see the class-based competitive racing bring its tropical climes to the PS4. With Evolution Studios wiped out, it’s unlikely to ever happen – but we can dream.

Killzone PS4 Sony Multiplayer Games 2


Sony’s taken multiple pot shots at the Call of Duty crowd with Resistance et al, but Killzone is the series that’s perhaps stuck. With Guerrilla Games now all-in on Horizon, the future for its first-person franchise seems flaky – if only it hadn’t shut down satellite studio Guerrilla Cambridge, the UK-based team behind the brilliant Killzone: Mercenary. Nevertheless, while it’d be marching directly into battle with some of the biggest third-party franchises, it’s easy to see how the Helghast could be relevant in 2018 – especially with an entry that channelled the heavy-handling of 2009’s Killzone 2, which is still the series’ high-point as far as we’re concerned.

Everybody's Tennis PS4 Sony Multiplayer Games 2

Hot Shots Tennis

There used to be a lot of sports games in Sony’s portfolio, but only really MLB The Show and Everybody’s Golf have survived. With the dearth of tennis titles in the industry at large, though, surely it’s time for Clap Hanz to bring back the brilliant Hot Shots Tennis? Yes, we want the sprawling RPG-esque single-player campaign from the PSP game, but tennis is perfect for local and online multiplayer, too. We’re praying to the tennis gods that this one is actually in production right now.

PlayStation Home PS4 Sony Multiplayer Games 2

PlayStation Home

No, we haven’t gone insane – there was definitely something interesting about PlayStation Home, it just never quite came together. But a social space where you can interact with others in a series of fantasy environments? PS Home was hurt by a bland art-style, questionable design decisions, and long loading times – but it eventually blossomed into an intriguing online plaza, with carnival minigames and collectibles to find. We still reckon there’s life in this concept, and with all the lessons that Sony learned from the original, we reckon a 2.0 type experience could be much more compelling than the original ever was.

MAG Massive Action Game PS4 Sony Multiplayer Games 2


Another game from the ill-fated Zipper Interactive that was ahead of its time. MAG boasted of its 256 player counts long before Fortnite was even a thing. It was innovative and messy, with its chain of command system confounding newcomers. But being a cog in a massive war was undoubtedly entertaining, and this was a technical accomplishment that needed iteration in order to unlock its true potential. Like so many first-person shooters at the time, Sony pulled the plug, and while the sun may have sadly set on this series, it still has potential in 2018.

Which of the above multiplayer franchises would you like Sony to resurrect? Are there any forgotten favourites that you think would excel in 2018? Help bolster the PS4’s multiplayer library in the comments section below.