Salty Springs Treasure Map and Race Track Treasure Location 1

Finding the treasure map in Salty Springs and the subsequent treasure is one of the tougher challenges in week three of Fortnite's season four. You'll get a nice XP boost for getting it, but it's only open for Battle Pass holders.

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Where is the treasure map in Salty Springs?

The treasure map is easy enough to spot in Salty Springs, but seeing as you're already here, we recommend skipping this step entirely. You don't actually have to visit the map to get the treasure, and can instead skip straight to the treasure location.

Where is the treasure at the Race Track?

Head on straight over to the race track, which is directly south of Lonely Lodge, and appears as a wiggly line on the map. You can either land directly here, or run to it from a nearby location to hopefully avoid enemy players.

The exact location is the very south of the race track, in the centre of the spiral. If you can see a set of tires, you're in the right place so run up to them and the treasure should appear. Push square and the treasure is all yours.

Salty Springs Treasure Map and Race Track Treasure Location 2

Is there anything else I should know?

Just that you need to complete that particular match of Fortnite to register this challenge as complete. If you just quit out, you'll have to do it all over again so don't be that guy.

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