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Horizon: Zero Dawn is comfortably the biggest PlayStation 4 launch of the year so far, and it's arguably the most important new intellectual property that the platform holder's created since The Last of Us. Naturally, we've put together tons of content to help ease you into the role-playing game – and we've included answers to several other frequently asked questions below.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide and Walkthrough

When does Horizon: Zero Dawn release?

It's out now, silly! Well, it should be depending on where you live. Horizon: Zero Dawn launches on 28th February in North America and 1st March in Europe, so that means it should already be available to the majority of you reading this site.

Should you buy Horizon: Zero Dawn?

Yes! Seriously, though, it will depend on your tastes – the game won't appeal to absolutely everyone. If you're a fan of games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Fallout 4, then this is a strong Western role-playing game, marrying the learnings of the aforementioned with a great third-person combat system.

But if you want to know in a little more detail what makes the game so great, do check out our Horizon: Zero Dawn review and round-up.

Does Horizon: Zero Dawn have multiplayer?

No, it's a single-player experience. In fact, the game's decidedly old-school – there's not even any rudimentary online connectivity stuff like you find in Dark Souls and Nioh. It's a completely offline release.

What's Horizon: Zero Dawn's install size?

Horizon: Zero Dawn takes up about 42GB. There is a day one patch which further optimises the title for the PS4 Pro, and this weighs in at around 250MB.

What are the best Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay tips?

Budding Horizon: Zero Dawn hunters should refer to our hints and tips guide for help getting started with the game. Our top-line suggestions would be to save often, learn as much about your robotic enemies as you can, and when you're not in stealth ensure that you're always on the move.

How do you get the best ending in Horizon: Zero Dawn?

Without spoiling too much, there are characters in the game who will join you for the final mission. To get all allies to join Aloy you need to have completed all of the game's side-quests prior to embarking on 'The Looming Shadow' mission. You can learn a little more about that through here.

How do you get the best armour in Horizon: Zero Dawn?

Again, this is a late game thing, but if you're not worried about minor quest spoilers, then it can be worth looking into how to get Horizon: Zero Dawn's best armour early on to avoid repetition. Unlocking the Shield-Weaver outfit is easy enough, but you'll need to locate all of the Power Cells hidden in the open world in order to access the Ancient Armory. Again, there's more information through here.

For a list of all Quests, Side-Quests, and Errands, as well Tallnecks, Bandit Camps, and Cauldrons locations, refer to our Horizon: Zero Dawn walkthrough through here. Do you have any other questions about Guerrilla Games' latest? Pop them in the comments section below.