Horizon Zero Dawn Metal Flowers Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Metal Flowers are the most abundant collectible in Horizon: Zero Dawn, with a total of 30 to find. These mysterious metallic plants are located all over the open world, and need to be looted when you approach them in order to add them to your notebook. Collecting all 30 of these will unlock a Trophy named 'All Metal Flowers Found'. But where can you locate them? We've got you covered.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide and Walkthrough

How to find all Metal Flowers in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Just like with other collectibles in Horizon: Zero Dawn, you can actually purchase a map that will reveal the location of all 30 Metal Flowers in the game. Simply head to a Merchant after the prologue and scroll down to its Special Items inventory tab. Purchase the Metal Flowers map and this will mark the general location of each Metal Flower. You're looking for a purple loot icon; try using your Focus with R3 to see if you can pick up the position of the Metal Flower. Once you've located it, approach the Metal Flower and push the triangle button to loot it.

All Metal Flower Locations in Horizon: Zero Dawn

The ever-industrious Powerpyx has put together a video showing the exact location of all 30 Metal Flowers in Horizon: Zero Dawn:

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