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Perhaps it comes as no surprise to hear that No Man's Sky may be stuck in a bit of development hell. Earlier this week at Sony's Paris Games Week press conference, the ambitious indie title received a new trailer that confirmed a launch window: June 2016. Considering that we first heard about the game back in 2013, many were disappointed that we're still a while off its release.

If this latest rumour is true, though, then the new launch window starts to make more sense. According to Destructoid's UK editor Laura Kate Dale, appearing on Episode 49 of the Podquisition, No Man's Sky is running into some serious issues.

Dale's sources have told her that the game was supposed to appear at a recent UK event – but it was called off due to technical problems. What's more, the explore-'em-up's E3 demo was apparently a PC build of the game, even though the developer was using a DualShock 4 controller.

However, the most worrying part of the report is that Hello Games is supposedly having considerable trouble getting the release to run on the PlayStation 4. Of course, many games go through this sort of process on a regular basis – platform optimisation takes time, so we wouldn't go shouting about how No Man's Sky is doomed just yet.

What do you make of this? Is it too early to start ranting? Has the tiny UK studio taken on too much? Look up at the stars and despair in the comments section below.

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