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If the industry's been asleep for a few weeks, then it's finally been shaken from its slumber. This was a huge week in the PlayStation Nation, with big games like Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and Resident Evil hitting the PlayStation Store, as well as huge news regarding Dying Light and PlayStation Plus consuming our virtual column inches. Don't worry if you missed anything, though, because Push Rewind's here to recap everything that you need to know.

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Saints Row IV: Re-Elected - 8/10

Love it or hate it, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected's obsession with the ridiculous is what sets it apart from the rest of the market, and the PS4 re-release is the best way to experience the madness. Coupled with extra expansions (including Gat Out of Hell if you buy the bundle), there's plenty of value to the package, even if it doesn't take the opportunity to build upon the PS3 original. A blast from start to finish, the president's tale of vengeance is the stupidest fun that you can have on Sony's newest console, and we mean that in the best possible way.

Resident Evil - 8

Resident Evil has small issues here and there, and the silly writing and survival gameplay have never been for everybody, but these negatives don't change the fact that this is a fantastic release. The REmake is as enjoyable as ever, enhanced by small improvements that make it that much more playable, and the whole experience hints at just how great a new "classic" Resident Evil could be with today's technology behind it.

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Opinion: Why You Shouldn't Write Off PS4 Racer DriveClub

In many ways, Evolution Studios got lucky. DriveClub's launch was an unmitigated disaster, but the developer was able to quietly solve many of the title's issues while a much bigger storm gathered around games like Assassin's Creed Unity. Once that had cleared, the Runcorn-based developer responded with a rain cloud of its own, and ironically, it's bad weather that's somewhat responsible for changing the public's perception of the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer.

Guide: How to Survive the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil HD Remaster on PS4, PS3

If you joined Capcom's survival horror series with its action packed fourth instalment, then you're in for a rude awakening in the recently released Resident Evil HD Remaster. While titles like Outlast and Alien Isolation have plotted a return to the more classical type of video game terror, they're still significantly more accessible than the Japanese publisher's re-released masterpiece. While we're not going to walk you through the game here – there are plenty of other outlets doing just that – we have got some tips that should help you during your time in the spooky Spencer Mansion. Pay attention, survivors – they don't even drop this kind of intel during a S.T.A.R.S. training drill.

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February's PlayStation Plus Freebies Will Be Announced Next Week

It's that time of the month where we all begin building hopelessly unrealistic expectations for the next PlayStation Plus update – all so that we can vent our disgust when the actual offering doesn't come close to matching our pipedreams. Seriously, though, European PlayStation Blog manager Fred Dutton has revealed on Twitter that February's free software lineup will be announced mid-next week.

Dying Light's Retail Release Will Not Deploy Until 27th February in Europe on PS4

Dying Light's bizarre delay in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East looks like it could be a big one, as Polish website Polygamia.pl is reporting that the PlayStation 4 game will not deploy until 27th February on store shelves. The title had been set to release next week, and still will digitally – but those of you holding out hope for a boxed copy will have to wait. North America will be unaffected.

Surprise! There's Going to Be a Borderlands 3 on PS4

Gearbox may be busy working on bizarre MOBA-style shooter Battleborn, but it hasn't forgotten that Borderlands is its bread and butter. And, speaking as part of a question and answer session at PAX South 2015 overnight, gaffer Randy Pitchford has hinted that we won't have to wait long to get the skinny on the next entry in the series.

Oh No, the Terrible PS4 Themes Have Arrived

It was only a matter of time, wasn't it? Much like the avatars section, a quick peek in the PlayStation 3's virtual shop will reveal a flood of bad themes, from buttered corn right the way through to crispy bacon. As such, it was inevitable that the awful designs would hit Sony's next-gen device in time – and with today's North American PlayStation Store update, they've finally arrived.

Attackers Behind PS4's Christmas Outage Hit by Heavy Hack

Behave badly and your actions will catch up with you eventually, as some members of the so-called Lizard Squad may be realising right now. After attaining plenty of mainstream media coverage following the PlayStation Network outage which it apparently initiated over Christmas, the group launched a DDoS service, enabling paying customers to use its software to take down other sites and networks. However, in a twist of irony, that platform has now been hacked, with the details of the 14,241 accounts that signed up to use it out in the public domain.

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Video of the Week

This Is The Order: 1886 Trailer That You've Been Waiting For

The Order: 1886's pre-release build up has been bumpier than a Victorian stage coach, but it looks like Sony's finally pulling things together in time for the PlayStation 4 exclusive's 20th February launch. This brand new trailer is over two minutes in length, and includes a great mixture of gameplay and story – including plenty of bits that we've never seen before.