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In an interview at GamesCom over a year ago, Sucker Punch veteran Nate Fox seemed to suggest that an inFAMOUS game was in production for the PlayStation Vita. Now, as part of a sequence of posts on Reddit, ex-Sony Bend artist Athey Moravetz appears to have revealed that the Uncharted: Golden Abyss developer was working on the handheld adaptation – before it was canned.

"We did make an inFAMOUS pitch at one point," she wrote as part of a thread on the developer's recent recruitment drive. Apparently, the studio switched its attention to the superhero series after Naughty Dog put the boot in another portable Uncharted title. "They were worried about franchise burnout with so many games coming out so close together, so they nixed it."

According to the evidently disgruntled employee, the first-party firm cycled through a series of ideas, before settling on its current one. "There was a really awesome futuristic sci-fi one that I really liked," she continued. "We had an amazing future city and a character that could run around and scale buildings with these jet boots, and it was awesome."

Judging by her various posts, it sounds like the studio also had a steampunk title in the works, but that was quickly canned. In fact, she doesn't paint a very positive picture of the Oregon-based outfit at all. "I think that the shift to the PlayStation 4 was a desperate bid to get something green lit," she speculated. "When you go through so many pitches, you start trying anything."

As for the project that the organisation's currently working on, Moravetz suggests that the jury's still out. "Hard to say if you should be excited," she mused. "There's a group of super talented guys there [...] but there's a lot of burnout right now; lots of talent has left over the last year."

Rumours suggest that the developer's working on an open world horror game of sorts, but the ex-employee refrained from giving anything away. One thing that you can be sure of is that it's probably not got anything to do with Syphon Filter. "Gabe Logan died at the end of Logan's Shadow," she said. "[Creative director John] Garvin killed off the main character so that he wouldn't have to make any more."

According to Linked In, the employee in question left Sony Bend about two years ago, which matches up with all of her comments – although, we'd never recommend taking Reddit posts at face value. Still, there are some juicy details in here, and if they're true, the idea that new Uncharted and inFAMOUS titles were once on the table for the Vita is pretty crushing. What do you make of all this? Let us know.

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