Saints Row IV Re-Elected: Gat Out of Hell PS4 Reviews

There's been much ado about review code here at Push Square Towers of late, as our copy of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell – and, consequently, bundled remaster Saints Row IV: Re-Elected – has seemingly got lost in the post. This means that we've, sadly, been unable to deliver on our New Year's Resolution of improving the timeliness of our critiques, but there's not a lot that we can do when the disc has a mind of its own. Fortunately, we can fall back on our faithful friend – the round up. Hopefully, we'll have something more concrete for you shortly. Sigh.

IGN - 7.8/10

Saints Row IV is just as much silly, largely challenge-free fun in Re-Elected as it was originally, even if it doesn't look as impressive as other recent remasters. Gat out of Hell's short but fun demonic adventure doesn't really justify re-buying the whole thing, but the Re-Elected package is the best way to experience Saints Row IV's power trip for the first time.

PSU - 7.5/10

Gat out of Hell applies a dose of air freshener to mask the musty smell emanating from the more traditional aspects of the Saints Row formula and delivers a fun, if overly familiar, slice of its chaos-riddled gameplay.

VideoGamer - 7/10

Gat out of Hell gives you more stuff to do, and is mildly entertaining while it lasts, but it's not a patch on the core game it comes with. If thought of as the side course to the main dish, this is fine. Newcomers will find a lot to enjoy, but there's little reason to return if a dive into Hell is what you were looking forward to. - 6/10

For all the things Gat Out Of Hell could or ideally would do though, it's important to remember what it is - a standalone expansion. Go in remembering that, and knowing about the lack of missions, and it's a pleasant surprise how much it at least tries to offer within its limits. Just don't expect it to be a sequel, or even a full slice of Saints Row 4 at its best.

Have you – ahem – gat what it takes for more Saints Row, or will you be avoiding this extended re-release like a can of Saints Flow? Act like an idiot in the comments section below.