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There's usually a standout for Pick of the Week, but we're really struggling to choose a favourite this time. Sure, you could make the argument that Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is little more than a re-release, but it comes with Gat Out of Hell, which is brand new. On the flipside, Resident Evil is nothing but a lowly port, too – but this version of the PSone classic is making its PlayStation debut. Fortunately, we have a saying for situations just like this: if in doubt, always select the option with Barry Burton.

Pick of the Week: Resident Evil

What were you doing in 2002? The answer's probably pondering why Capcom's critically acclaimed Resident Evil remake wasn't announced for the PlayStation 2. The survival horror series has always had a weird sort of relationship with Sony's systems; despite making its name on the PSone, the Japanese publisher opted to push the property forward on the GameCube – only to change its mind at the very last minute with Resident Evil 4. Still, this means that "REmake" – as it's affectionately known – is making its PlayStation debut on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 this week.

Resident Evil PS4 Review
Resident Evil has small issues here and there, and the silly writing and survival gameplay have never been for everybody, but these negatives don't change the fact that this is a fantastic release. The REmake is as enjoyable as ever, enhanced by small improvements that make it that much more playable, and the whole experience hints at just how great a new "classic" Resident Evil could be with today's technology behind it.

Essentially a port of the GameCube version, this updated edition comes with a handful of visual and gameplay upgrades. For starters, it's now running in widescreen at 1080p, which should come in handy for anyone that's changed their television over the past decade. Furthermore, the control scheme has been completely overhauled, meaning that you'll no longer need to pivot on the spot in order to awkwardly walk anywhere. These are all optional tweaks, so you can still play the game in its original state if you prefer. Other improvements include overhauled lighting, enhanced character models, and touched up textures. All of the campy dialogue, though? Still there – thank heavens!

PS4, PS3 | 20th January [NA], 21st January [EU]

Saints Row PS4

Everything Else

Best of Arcade Games
PS3, Vita | 20th January [NA]

Citizens of Earth
PS4, Vita | 20th January [NA], 21st January [EU]

Ironclad Tactics
PS4 | 20th January [NA], 21st January [EU]

Motorcycle Club
PS4, PS3 | 20th January [NA]

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected
PS4 | 20th January [NA], 23rd January [EU]

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
PS4, PS3 | 20th January [NA], 23rd January [EU]

PS4, PS3 | 20th January [NA]

There's much more to sink your teeth into this week, and with that 10 per cent discount looming large, we'd love to know what you'll be splashing out on. Have you prepared your shopping list yet, or do you need some help? Tell us your budget in the comments section below.

What are you most looking forward to this week? (20 votes)

  1. Best of Arcade Games  0%
  2. Citizens of Earth15%
  3. Ironclad Tactics  0%
  4. Motorcycle Club5%
  5. Resident Evil55%
  6. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected15%
  7. Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell10%
  8. Splice  0%

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