"What're ya buyin', stranger?"

When you really stop and think about it, Sony's "apology" for the PlayStation Network outage over Christmas is a bit of a marketing masterstroke. While the company gets to look like it's doing right by its consumers, we'd be shocked if it didn't see an enormous spike in sales when the offer goes into effect from 09:00AM local time on Friday. Still, it may only be 10 per cent off certain items, but if you've had your eye on a particular cart of content, then you'd be foolish not to use it.

We'll have more on the promotion as soon as the details have been revealed, but we do know that you'll be able to redeem the voucher against a full trolley of shopping, meaning that you'll make a much bigger saving if you're willing to spend more money. We know so far that PlayStation Plus subscriptions, Music Unlimited memberships, video rentals, and pre-orders will not be eligible as part of the offer – but we're expecting more anomalies to appear over the coming days.

Assuming that they don't, though, we want to know what you'll be putting in your cart and taking to the checkout. We daresay that the suits at Capcom will be rubbing their hands together right now, as the recently released Resident Evil seems like it's at the top of most peoples' wishlist – but Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell also looks like another solid option. Those of you in Europe may also want to peruse the platform holder's latest sale, which includes dozens of discounted digital games.

But we're not penning this Talking Point to tell you what to buy; instead, we want to know what you've got in mind. Are you going to be splashing out on some DLC, or picking up a couple of classics to bulk out your backlog? Perhaps you're after a brand new PlayStation 4 title, or maybe it's a particular release's Season Pass that you crave? It's a slow week, so do hop into the comments to let us know – and we'll be back soon with all of the advice that you need to get the most out of the offer.

What will you be using your 10 per cent PSN discount on? (102 votes)

  1. PS4 games37%
  2. PS3 games6%
  3. Vita games14%
  4. Retro games5%
  5. DLC and Season Passes13%
  6. Pfft, nothing25%

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