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And so the sun has set on the last week before Christmas. To say that it’s been a quiet seven days on Push Square would be a lie, as it’s been uncharacteristically busy for mid-December. That said, while we’ve been huffing and puffing at the number of press releases assaulting our inbox, there aren’t many major highlights this time. Still, read on for everything that you need to know.

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Destiny: The Dark Below - 5/10

On a fundamental level, The Dark Below fails to justify its expensive price point for anyone who isn't a hardcore Destiny fan. While the story missions are enjoyable and the Strikes are some of the best, there just isn't enough new content here to reinvigorate Bungie's project for more than a few hours at most.

Tetris: Ultimate - 4/10

Framerate fluctuations render Tetris Ultimate almost unplayable, and while these issues only seem to occur when online, disconnecting tends to strip the title of much of its appeal. Assuming that it’s eventually patched, there’s a no-frills version of an all-time favourite here – but while the multiplayer is well integrated, the overall experience is far too ordinary to really recommend.

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Feature: Get Festive with the PS4's Best Multiplayer Games This Holiday

The holidays are almost here, and for many of you reading this, that means a lot of free time to fill with gaming goodness. Some of us like to snuggle up with an engrossing single player story, a world away from the freezing cold air outside, but we reckon that it's worth considering a more social approach this winter.

Feature: 10 PlayStation Gifts That Need to Be on Your Christmas List

We were going to produce a bog-standard buyer’s guide this Christmas, but we figured that we’d be re-treading old ground. After all, you can peruse what we think is hot on PlayStation courtesy of our nifty games page, and chances are you already have an idea what software you’d like Santa to lug down your chimney anyway. Instead, we figured that we’d change our approach, and walk you through some of the stranger Sony gift ideas vying for your hard earned cash this holiday. With the Japanese giant recognising that there’s real money to be made from licensed merchandise, here are some goods that we’d be surprised/horrified to find in our stocking on the 25th December.

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Pachter: This Is the PlayStation 4's Generation to Lose

Michael Pachter has been a little quiet since changes to GameTrailers crushed his usual soap box, but he’s returned as part of the Bonus Round to share some thoughts on the PlayStation 4’s current success. In the video, he seems genuinely impressed by Sony’s foresight – and reckons that the current generation is the Japanese giant’s to lose. That’s strong praise from the analyst.

Rumour: The Last of Us 2 Will Explore the Depths of Despair on PS4

The Last of Us was not only a critical smash, but it was also a gigantic commercial success for Sony, moving over seven million copies on the PlayStation 3 alone. Naughty Dog was probably always going to have to build some form of sequel, then – and if the Linked In profile of one soon-to-be very sheepish ex-employee is to be believed, it’s already in production.

Mafia III May Make Your PS4 an Offer You Can't Refuse Soon

This has been the busiest December this editor can remember in quite a while. As if PlayStation Experience wasn’t enough at the start of the month, our inbox has been inundated with press releases over the past seven days – does no one want to take some time off? This latest tidbit isn’t an official confirmation, but it has got us pretending to be Al Capone around the office: Mafia III has been listed for the PlayStation 4 on online retailer Play Asia’s website.

Loadout Is Your Latest Free PS4 Download

When the PlayStation 4 launched last year, it played host to a bevy of free-to-play titles – but the trickle of complimentary content has been a little slower over the past six or so months. Loadout has arrived just in time for the holidays, then, promising plenty of rootin’ tootin’ third-person shootin' – and the ability to assemble the weapons from your “deeply disturbing dreams”. Finally.

Wow, Now There's a Red and Black PlayStation 4 Bundle

It took ages for the PlayStation 3 to score some different hardware designs, but there have already been several in the first year of the PlayStation 4’s life. Hot on the heels of the 20th Anniversary bundle, Sony has now announced a red and black format for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The limited edition device will deploy in Japan alongside the game on 19th March.

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Video of the Week

Final Fantasy XV Returns to the Road in Brand New Trailer

Proving yet again that the Christmas break is nothing but a pipedream, Square Enix has released a ton of new information about Final Fantasy XV. The hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 role-playing game took centre stage at Jump Festa – a long running convention that’s taking place in Japan this weekend. The video introduces new towns, characters, and boss fights, so let’s get down to it.