Michael Pachter PS4

Michael Pachter has been a little quiet since changes to GameTrailers crushed his usual soap box, but he’s returned as part of the Bonus Round to share some thoughts on the PlayStation 4’s current success. In the video, he seems genuinely impressed by Sony’s foresight – and reckons that the current generation is the Japanese giant’s to lose. That’s strong praise from the analyst.

“Sony got its s*** together early in the cycle,” he beamed. “That’s where Nintendo right now is suffering because they still don’t have the quantity of exclusives to drive the console. Sony has this plan, and it’s peaking early next year, and that’s exactly when you want it to be, so that’s great – it’s really impressive.”

Asked for a little more information, the outspoken Wedbush Securities employee explained that the manufacturer simply has a stronger lineup than everyone else in 2015. "Normally you expect one [big exclusive] game in the spring, and then one or two more in the fall – but Sony has about six big titles," he exclaimed. "It’s probably double what we’ve seen from any of the manufacturers.”

He continued: “I’m surprised because I thought that the platform holders wouldn’t take the risk of developing for one console, and they’re taking it. [Worldwide Studios America boss Scott] Rohde’s done a phenomenal job, and [third-party relations gaffer Adam Boyes has] done a phenomenal job. It’s amazing.”

Asked whether next year’s lineup will be enough to keep Sony in first-place, Pachter had no doubts. “I mean, unless somebody just has a brain fart and [the company] screws up, yeah, [the PS4’s] going to stay number one,” he enthused. “It’s theirs to lose, how’s that?” Considering that the analyst predicted an Xbox One victory alongside former EA boss John Riccitiello, that’s quite the turnaround.

Of course, it’s not all over yet. Some fairly sensational bundles in the United States meant that the PlayStation maker lost its first NPD in eleven months to the Xbox One in November, and it’s looking like it’ll probably struggle in December, too. With a blockbuster PS4 lineup on the horizon, though, it’s going to be interesting to see if Microsoft can maintain its good form in the New Year – or if Sony will muscle its way right back to the top.

[source gametrailers.com]