It took ages for the PlayStation 3 to score some different hardware designs, but there have already been several in the first year of the PlayStation 4’s life. Hot on the heels of the 20th Anniversary bundle, Sony has now announced a red and black format for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The limited edition device will deploy in Japan alongside the game on 19th March.

To be honest, we’re not overly keen on the design. The red plastic casing looks decent, but we’re not sure that it goes with the black custom hard drive plate. Either way, the package will set you back ¥46,980 ($393), and will include a 500GB console, a crimson DualShock 4 controller, a copy of the game, a theme, and a download voucher for the Final Fantasy XV demo.

This is all part of the manufacturer’s plan to move some hardware in its native nation in the first half of next year. Dragon Quest Heroes, Bloodborne, and the abovementioned re-release are all due out before the end of March, and the Japanese giant will no doubt be hoping that the Holy Trinity will be enough to give its system some steam. Would you bet against them?

Ps4 Hard Red 1
Ps4 Hard Red 2
Ps4 Hard Red 3