Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Festive Surprise 1

Christmas is a time of coming together, sharing, and... Well, shooting each other in the face if Grand Theft Auto V’s recently released ‘Festive Surprise’ is anything to go by. Available now for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, developer Rockstar Games’ surprise seasonal update adds a bunch of wintery content to multiplayer mode Grand Theft Auto Online, while also stomping a few bugs in the core game.

Stocking fillers include two new weapons: the deadly Homing Missile Launcher and Proximity Mines. Snap them up at Ammu-Nation, and these will be yours to keep in perpetuity. They won’t be the only new weapons in your arsenal, though, as great globs of snow will come in handy should you find yourself in a snowball fight. It sounds like the inclement weather will come and go, so you’ll need to make sure that you have appropriate attire in your wardrobe.

Fortunately, this update comes with a ton of winter warmers, including scarves, ‘ugly’ jumpers, and ginger bread masks. In addition, there are four fresh vehicles for you to own, with the Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader sounding particularly interesting from where we’re sitting. If that’s not enough, Special Crates will be dropping in Los Santos through 5th January, with exclusive in-game tees up for grabs. Oh, and make sure that you login on 25th December for some bonus gifts.

Finally, the Firework Launcher and Firework Ammo will be making a comeback for New Year only, so make sure that you grab and use them from Christmas Eve through until 5th January. You’ll be able to acquire these for free on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, so cancel all of your social plans, and set a course for Los Santos this holiday. Are you impressed by all of these seasonal gifts? Sing Auld Lang Syne in the comments section below.