"Billions and billions"

Hot on the heels of its traversal-themed showing at The Game Awards yesterday, No Man's Sky received yet another thrilling trailer at the PlayStation Experience keynote. As always, the clip was preceded by director Sean Murray sidling onstage and apologetically introducing the footage, and this time he seemed genuinely moved that his tiny studio took top billing at the Japanese giant's massive Las Vegas show.

The video itself was designed to show off the game's massive open world, and in that respect it succeeded admirably. After an extended flying sequence, we're shown the title's map, and needless to say, it is stupendously large. The camera then begins to zoom out until the planet we started on is just a tiny blip lost in a sea of millions of tiny blips.

Are you sold on No Man's Sky, or are you waiting for more details on its gameplay? Jump to warp speed in the comments section below.

[source youtube.com, via eurogamer.net]