"Pretty good, huh?"

It would have probably been unfair to expect a little too much from Sony’s big PlayStation Experience keynote, as it’s very much an extra on the ordinary convention calendar – but the platform holder still served up a selection of pre-Christmas treats in the form of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Final Fantasy VII, Yakuza 5, and more.

The big question is: were you impressed by what you saw today? Which reveal rustled your jimmies, and which left you feeling cold? Did the event meet your expectations, or did it fall drastically short? We want to read your knee-jerk reactions, so get voting in our poll and posting in the comments – just try to remember to be nice.

How would you rate Sony's PlayStation Experience keynote? (69 votes)

  1. Very good45%
  2. Good26%
  3. Meh17%
  4. Poor9%
  5. Very poor3%

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