PS4 Firmware Update 12

Sony's been getting stick for staying somewhat static in 2014, but we reckon that the PlayStation 4 is already in a strong position from a system software perspective. There's plenty that could be improved upon, of course – but outside of the odd missing media function, the console's been fairly competent since its launch last year. This article is proof of that, as it took us a while to dream up ten really meaningful improvements that would enhance the hardware in 2015. A few Christmas conversations later, though, here's what we've come up with.

PS4 Firmware Update 2

Folders for the Players

Recent firmware updates have enhanced the way that the PS4 deals with dozens of titles, but there's still room for improvement. With the main ribbon limited to just 15 recently played icons, it's easy to access your favourites now. Moreover, the Library section has plenty of filtering and sorting options that make sifting through your software and apps pretty simple – but it could be better. We reckon that the addition of folders would improve this further, allowing you to group software as you see fit like on the PlayStation 3 or Vita. Moreover, to enhance organisation again, it would be nice if deleted demos and betas could be hidden completely, as they just cause more clutter.

PS4 Firmware Update 3

Standby for Proper Standby

Rest Mode – when it's not completely borked – is one of the best things about Sony's next-gen box, allowing the console to work in a low-power state while you're away doing other things. The problem with it is that it's still missing one key feature: Suspend/Resume. System architect Mark Cerny proudly proclaimed how this addition would change the game at the Japanese giant's PlayStation Meeting unveiling event almost two years ago, but despite vague promises of its ongoing development, we're still yet to see it materialise. The theory here is that you'd be able to put your system into standby without ever quitting your game, making firm save points a thing of the past. Get it finished.

PS4 Firmware Update 4

Stronger Media Support

While the addition of MP3 playback was appreciated in firmware update v2.00, it felt like a bit of a stopgap until more meaningful media support arrives. The PS4 may be designed with gamers in mind, but there's no harm in added options – even if Sony's got its priorities right. Plex has been functional on the format for a while, and now there's an app for it, but we'd like to see the system get some native DLNA support. Video playback, photos, and more are all a must in 2015, because even if they don't necessarily appeal to you, they're a necessity if the platform holder wants its latest hardware to match its predecessor as a media box.

PS4 Firmware Update 5

Get the Message

This is more of a bug fix than a new feature, but Sony does need to sort it out. Simple text messages remain arguably the worst part about the PS4's firmware, running fine in off-peak hours, but failing to operate in the evenings. We're guessing that this is a problem with both the console and the PlayStation Network, but whatever the culprit, it's pretty unacceptable to have notes get lost or stuck on such a powerful device. In fact, it's unbelievable that this is still a problem at all.

PS4 Firmware Update 6

Who the Heck's Online?

With the increase to the PS4's friends list, Sony probably assumed that you wouldn't want login notifications every ten seconds. However, this is no excuse. For starters, assuming that they're implemented properly, there's absolutely no reason why these can't be turned off. Secondly, some form of contact favouriting system would mitigate this problem entirely, allowing you to prioritise your pals so that you only get PSN pop-ups from those people that you really care about.

PS4 Firmware Update 7

Username, Thine Be Slain

Unlike most other online services, it's impossible to change your PSN name. Considering that the platform started life around about a decade ago, this means that you could be stuck with an alias that you dreamt up in your mid-teens, even though you're now way into your twenties. There seems to be some kind of technological problem preventing this from being implemented – presumably as a result of ongoing support for the PS3's antiquated infrastructure – but there simply has to be a way around this, and we're hopeful that Sony's got its best engineers looking for a solution, as this has been a hotly requested feature for several years now.

PS4 Firmware Update 8

Real Retro Feeling

Sony's said that it's looking into bringing PSone emulation to the PS4, but we'd like this to reach its inevitable conclusion next year. While re-releases have been a bit of a dirty word so far this generation, few could complain at the prospect of playing classics like Tekken, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro the Dragon again. It'd be even better, however, if the firm could find a way to implement Trophies into these age-old titles, giving everyone an excuse to re-explore its first format's gems.

PS4 Firmware Update 9

This Ain't No Facebook

One of the best things about the PS4 is the feeling that you're part of a gaming social network, but there's still a lot that could be done in this area. We'd like to see the What's New application overhauled a little bit, with more meaningful information on what our friends have been up to while we've been away. Some games do this already – the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Grand Theft Auto V, for example – but it'd be nice to see some more specific stats, rather than rudimentary data regarding Los Santos. Information on how long someone's been playing a particular game, for instance, and where they rank against the rest of the world would be pretty fun, and would also encourage conversation.

PS4 Firmware Update 10

Just the Gift

With so much content on the PlayStation Store these days, it can be difficult to afford it all. While it's possible to give PSN vouchers as gifts, though, we reckon that it'd be way easier if you could just buy presents for your PS4 friends directly via the console's built-in plaza. Most other online storefronts offer this kind of functionality, so it's strange that it hasn't found its way into any of Sony's systems yet. Creating wishlists to share with other users would also be a welcome addition, if only to keep track of titles that you're waiting to go on sale.

PS4 Firmware Update 11

Look Who's Talking

There are a ton of social options on the PS4, but there's still plenty of room for improvement in this department, too. The PlayStation Camera is one peripheral that's been agonisingly underutilised – especially after going on to become a surprise best-seller for Sony. We reckon that some kind of video chat feature would be a welcome addition, especially if it could be used picture-in-picture while you're playing a game. Bizarrely, a simple conferencing utility was present on the PS3, so it's just another one of those functions that needs to make the jump to the manufacturer's latest machine.

These are just ten of our ideas, but we're sure that you've got plenty more to share. Are there any features that you want future PS4 firmware updates to introduce, and which of the above is the most important to you? Update your opinion in the comments section below.