Carrier pigeons would be quicker than the PlayStation 4’s messaging utility. Those of you that regularly use Sony’s next-gen system may have noticed that it’s almost impossible to correspond with your pals using the format’s text-based tool during peak hours. We thought that a recent firmware update had fixed things, but it seems to depend upon the time that you use it.

Either way, Worldwide Studios executive Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that the manufacturer’s actively working on a fix. “We are aware of the issues and our team is working on them,” the put upon president informed a disgruntled fan. “Sorry for the inconvenience,” he politely added. Aw, how can anyone ever be mad at this guy?

It seems to us that this is probably a combination of system software and network issues, as messages tend to send fine during non-peak hours, but take an eternity when the United States gets online. Streamlining the whole system would perhaps lessen the load, ensuring that this works smoothly around the clock. That’s just our uneducated opinion, though – honestly, what would we know?