Things go wrong with electronics all of the time, so the recent PlayStation 4 firmware update v2.00 issues pertaining to Rest Mode aren’t necessarily a big deal in isolation. The larger problem is that it’s taken Sony almost a week to even acknowledge the error, and reveal that it’s actually working on a fix. The company’s got to do better in this department.

Writing on Twitter, a spokesperson said that it’s “aware” of the complaints regarding the standby feature, which leaves some systems unable to wake up. “[We’re] working to resolve as soon as possible, will update soon,” it concluded. Hopefully, this will result in a stability update later in the week, which gets everything working as intended again.

There are dozens of theories designed to resolve this issue – the latest including an email verification process – but none appear to solve the problem indefinitely. The platform holder recommends re-installing the latest firmware update to fix the flaw, but the best solution may be avoiding Rest Mode entirely until this is patched.