It's all about the good old days at Push Square today, and thanks to Sony's free present, we can all drown in a little bit of nostalgia of our own. Available on the PlayStation Network right now are three brand new themes for your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, featuring a classic PSone grey colour scheme and the original startup sound from the legendary machine.

If our recent poll is anything to go by, many of you will be thrilled by this latest freebie, and we are too, as for many of us, this was the sound of our childhood. Are you dying to change up your theme for this classic, or are you going to keep your dash looking modern? Share your design tips in the comments section below.

Update: Just to clarify, it doesn't appear that the theme is available in North America at the time of typing. We're sure that it'll only be a few hours away, though, and will keep you updated on its arrival.

Update 2: The anniversary themes are now live in North America.