Hustle Kings PS4

We’d love to be a fly on the wall at VooFoo Studios right now. The developer’s just released Pure Pool on the PlayStation 4, but Sony’s announced that it’s converting the outfit’s previous title Hustle Kings to the next-gen console – and it’ll be available for free. Even better, this version has been restructured around the original title’s online multiplayer mode.

“To ensure that there’s a large online community and lots of people available for matches, we’ve made the game downloadable for free,” explained XDev Europe’s associate producer Neil McPhillips. “We’ve done this by creating a core package that includes all of the basics that you need to enjoy the game; we have a practice mode to get you started, a career mode to put you through your paces and earn you some starting money, and the new league mode where you can compete online and rise through the online tiers.”

As with the PlayStation 3 version, the game will revolve around Hustle Kings Credits, which you’ll earn from winning matches and completing career goals, and will then be able to gamble with online. Attaining more of this fake cash will allow you to compete in higher stakes matches, which ramp up the difficulty and change the rules.

You’ll also be able to boost your virtual bank balance by participating in daily challenges, which range from trick shots to potting activities. You’ll only get a limited number of tries to clear these, but they’ll rotate every day, giving you a reason to return to the game. Of course, if you want to unlock everything from the offset – and don’t want to be impeded by in-game cash flow problems – you’ll be able to buy an upgrade from the PlayStation Store which unlocks everything. “Consider it a solution for the more traditional gamers out there,” McPhillips explained.

With the overdue Pool Nation FX also on the way, we reckon that the PS4 may just have had its fill of pub games soon. There’s no date attached to Hustle Kings just yet, but the platform holder stresses that more details are due “very soon”. Expect it this year, then.