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  • US 29th Jul 2014, $12.99
  • EU 30th Jul 2014, £7.99

PlayStation Plus Extra (Subscription)

  • 13th Jun 2022
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  • Review Pure Pool (PlayStation 4)

    A game with balls

    It’s undeniable that VooFoo Studios is swiftly making a name for itself by producing incredibly photo realistic digital renditions of classic games. We’ve already covered the British-based outfit’s Backgammon and Chess endeavours, and now we’re onto Pure Pool, an adaptation of the quintessential pub pastime that’s...

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Pure Pool Screenshot
Pure Pool Screenshot
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Pure Pool Screenshot

Pure Pool News

  • News PS4 Potter Pure Pool Sinks a Sizeable Patch

    Drop it in the pocket

    You’ll no longer be bombarded with online notifications for pretty much the entire universe while attempting to pot that all important final ball, as Pure Pool has received a sizeable update on the PlayStation 4. We really liked the billiards simulation when we reviewed it a few weeks ago, but felt that it could do with a bit...

  • Store Update 30th July 2014 (Europe)

    Big break

    Make no mistake: The Last of Us Remastered is the big new addition to the European PlayStation Store this week. Alas, we’re running out of Joel and Ellie flavoured thumbnail images at this point, so we figured that we better rack up a Pure Pool picture instead. Chalk it up to variety. Sorry. PlayStation 4: Pure Pool Price: £

  • News Pure Pool Racks Up Some Seriously Realistic Visuals on PS4

    Pot shot

    No console is complete without some pub games, and Hustle Kings developer VooFoo Studios is set to take to the PlayStation 4’s baize soon with billiards simulation Pure Pool. Offering outrageously lifelike visuals, the title will also boast uber-realistic ball physics and a ‘Pure DNA’ system, which will allow you to challenge computer...

  • News PS4 Sim Pure Pool Proves That Girls Can Play Too

    Rack 'em up

    We’re really not sure what to make of this debut trailer for VooFoo’s upcoming PlayStation 4 billiards simulation Pure Pool. On the one hand, the balls look absolutely exquisite – but we’re not overly sold on the frankly frightening character models. Beyond the Daisy Dukes and silicone breasts, though, the British-based developer...

About The Game

Let the makers of Hustle Kings™ and Pure Chess transport you to the slick and exciting world of Pure Pool. Experience a living, breathing, bustling Pool Hall from the convenience of your living room – all wrapped up in VooFoo Studios signature jaw-dropping visuals! Whether you prefer to spend your time playing solo or weighing up against the competition, connect and prepare to be blown away by the next best thing to real life pool.

With 4 game modes from classic American 8 Ball Pool to Killer, 4 challenges from Perfect Potter to Royal Rumble and full live online multiplayer, rack-up, hone your skills and compete against the best in online tournaments and matches for a place in the world rankings. Pure Pool also intuitively maps your DNA profile as you play creating an AI interpretation of yourself, your friends and your foes – which you can still play against, even when they’re not online.

Get ready for the most authentic Pool experience you’ve ever witnessed from the comfort of your couch!