Number one, baby

Sony overlord and former PlayStation president Kaz Hirai only made a fleeting appearance during the Japanese giant’s CES 2014 press conference overnight, so it’s reassuring to know that the executive will get a second shot at the limelight today. The likeable Ridge Racer aficionado is set to anchor a keynote in Las Vegas imminently, and we’ll have live coverage from the event.

Rumours still persist that the manufacturer is set to reveal a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4, with Adam Boyes and Andrew House in attendance at the show. We’re still not convinced that this is the right venue, but as we pointed out overnight, the platform holder’s dropped a handful of surprise bombs over the past few years, so you just never know. Whatever happens, make sure you prepare your GIF images for 09:00AM PST / 17:00PM GMT, as that’s when the executive’s set to hit the stage.